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Trust in Us, Trust in You 
Flexible Payment Option

We understand that moving can be expensive and stressful, and stretching you finances to the limit only exacerbates the problem. We want to do everything we can to help reduce some of the pressure and stress of moving house. In order to do this we introduced the trust in us, trust in you flexible payment option for house moves over £500, in which we offer customer the option to pay in 4 instalments. We don't provide credit, we don't do credit checks, we don't ask for personal financial information and we don't add interest; the only eligibility criteria is that the move is with us and over £800. 


​Our payment plan works as follows:

Payment 1

Prior to the move: A 10% deposit to secure the booking.

Payment 2

On the day of the move: 50% of the total Payment.

Payment 3

One month after the move: 20% of the total payment.

Payment 4

Two months after the move: 20% of the total payment.


Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss Your Smooth Moves flexible payment schedule.

Example Flexible Payment Plan

Sandra is moving home on the 10th January and has been quoted £850. Sandra has asked to book and pay on the 'trust in us, trust in you' payment option.​
Sandra pays a 10% deposit to hold her moving date - £85
10th January, moving day, Sandra pays 50% - £275
10th February: Sandra pays 20% - £110
10th March: Sandra pays the final 20% - £110​
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